My Top 10 Superfoods

June 17, 2017 Comments Off on My Top 10 Superfoods

  1. Acai – I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about acai and how wonderful it is for you.  I try to get a little in my diet every day.  I LOVE acai bowls, but when I’m not out and about to order one from somewhere, I add this powder to my smoothies.  It’s yummy and loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin C.  Acai is supposed to help you lose weight and is also anti- aging!

2. Goji Berries! – Goji Berries are loaded with Vitamin C and A and antioxidants.  I sprinkle a few in my salad every day.  I get mine here.  My family gets a few of our supplements from Viva Naturals and I have always been pleased with their quality.

3. Spirulina – Okay, so spirulina is actually an algae and it pretty much tastes like that.  Not my favorite superfood, but when you learn about the benefits, you will want to add it to your diet.  It is a complete protein source and can also help with heavy metal detoxing.  I started making a smoothie with avocado, banana, coconut milk, spirulina and cinnamon. It is actually very tasty and can replace a meal.  I get my spirulina here.

4. Maca Powder – Maca is the peruvian ginseng.  It helps balance hormones, provides energy and promotes a positive mood.  If you get Maca, be sure to get the gelatinized kind because it’s easier on the stomach.  I get mine here.

5. Mulberries – Mulberries are full of antioxidants, vitamin C and resveratrol, which is the antioxidant in red wine.  I put a handful of these on my salad every day.  They’re sweet and crunchy and yummy.  I get mine here.

6. Collagen – My family follows The GAPS Diet so I have long known about the benefits of collagen. I started making my own bone broth about 4 years ago.  I recently found powdered collagen and they are a great addition to making bone broth.  Collagen helps your skin, joints, gut and overall health.  There are so many benefits.  I have tried many brands of the powdered collagen and I like this one the best.  I usually add it to my smoothies and sometimes just eat it by the spoonful.

7. Hemp hearts – Hemp seeds and hemp hearts are good for your blood pressure, skin and digestion.  I get mine in this big bag at Costco. I like to sprinkle them on salads.

8. Chia Seeds – Chia seeds are high in Iron, Omega 3s and Calcium.  I also get these at Costco.  They are good sprinkled on salads and sometimes I put them in my water with an organic lemon for an added crunch.  Seriously, try it!

9. Pumpkin Seeds – There are so many health benefits to pumpkin seeds. They are high in zinc, omega 3s and so many other things.  I like to add them to my salad every day.  I get mine here.

10. Matcha – I’m sure you’ve heard of all the benefits of green tea, but did you know that matcha has 10 times more anitoxidants than green tea?  It’s loaded with EGCg, a powerful antioxidant and also fights cancer, helps you lose weight and detoxifies.  I get mine here.  I like to make a hot tea and add a teaspoon of the power and stir it in.  It’s yummy, gives me energy and helps me stay calm.


With all of these superfoods, it’s important to buy USDA Organic and Non-GMO.  You don’t want to add toxic chemicals to your body as you are trying to make yourself healthier.  I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

XOXO, Elizabeth